BLCCT Business Services 

The BLCCT has been the reliable one-stop address for successfully conducting business in Turkey since 1926.

The BLCCT offers its services to over 150 clients many of whom establish and expand new businesses in Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our business services mainly include:

  • Establishing cooperation and communication relations with the Trade and Industry Chambers, the Chambers of Agriculture, the Trade Associations, the Banking Associations located both in Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg, with the federations and confederations established with the same purpose and also with other Chambers and Associations established by the Turks and foreigners. 
  • Supporting and directing Turkish, Belgian and Luxembourgish companies, providing necessary information to the Turkish companies wishing to do business with Belgium and Luxembourg or to the Belgian and Luxembourgish companies wishing to do business with Turkey.
  • Organizing meetings and conferences regularly to provide the necessary information on relevant topics.
  • Assisting directly or indirectly in matching partners or sales partners.
  • Providing assistance to Turkish, Belgian and Luxembourgish companies regarding the development of their business relations.
  • Assisting in the establishment and organization of fairs and exhibitions
  • Launching initiative with the Ministries, public and private institutions, Embassies, Consulates, Trade Attachés and all related organizations. 
  • Guiding commercial and political delegations who come to Turkey or who go to Belgium and Luxembourg.